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Saffron Extract For Weight Loss

Saffron Extract has quickly become thee popular choice among natural herbal appetite suppressants.

Dr Oz, the most recognized and followed medical doctor in the world, recommended Saffron Extract for weight loss due to its effectiveness at naturally suppressing your appetite while preventing additional weight gain.

saffron-extractBy curbing your appetite to avoid compulsive overeating (reactional hyperphagia) and being a neurotransmitter of the feel good hormone serotonin, Dr Oz suggested the extract of saterieal saffron spice to be a viable option for accelerated weight loss benefits.

But can a single supplement containing saffron extract truly be a natural remedy for those looking to curb appetite and lose weight faster?

We all know deep down what it takes to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Getting plenty of fitness, rest, and enjoyment in life coupled with a fresh, wholefood diet will always be the primary way to burn fat and stay fit naturally.

With the changing speed of the world at an all time high, it has left our modern day diet in despair as it is catered towards choosing convenience over quality. The repercussions and consequences of eating a diet high in refined, processed sugars and carbohydrates as sent the United States into an obesity epidemic.

In 2010, the New York Times reported the USA spent over a staggering $2.6 TRILLION on health care, which is equivalent to over $8,000 per individual. That means on average over 16% of our income is dedicated to health care costs due to so many people being chronically ill.

Due to poor quality food sources and selection, many are forced to try natural alternatives in the form of nutritional supplements as a backup or boost for regaining their energy and vitality. As the nutrient density and mineral content in our food supply weakens, looking for support in the form of quality supplements such as saffron extract can provide extra motivation most are in severe need of.

natural saffron extractDoctor Oz opened up a can of worms as he sparked the debate by shedding light on the “miracle appetite suppressant Saffron Extract” for losing weight by caloric restriction. He exposed saffron as one of finest, most expensive, beneficial spices in the world for body fat reduction due to inhibiting fat production and overeating.

Now, many are racing to find out more about pure Saffron Extract for weight loss along with its wide variety of health-promoting benefits and advantages of using it regularly for extended periods of time.

Because most of us are still not aware of the relationship food and stresses have with one another inside our body, we tend to over eat without ever being fully aware of it until we have put on 20 plus pounds or more. It is now known that stress, depression, anxiety, and the like all play an active role in influencing the amount of food intake we consume on a daily basis.

The active ingredients found in Saffron supplements include crocetin and crocin, which provide numerous benefits including a decrease in the feeling of hunger.

Saffron Extract Benefits Overview

  • - Decrease in the sense of hunger, snacking, and sugar cravings
  • - Avoid overeating of highly processed and refined foods
  • - Positively helps promote a longer memory and faster learning
  • - Promotes a healthy mood and lifestyle
  • - Acts as a neurotransmitter to reduce overeating behaviors and tendencies
  • - Has positive antidepressant properties for anxiety and depression
  • - Viable natural alternative to suppress appetite and lose weight naturally
  • - Reduce impulses to snack excessively and control food cravings
  • - On the FDA GRAS list for food as an extract of saffron
  • - Ease digestion of spicy foods and soothes irritated stomachs
  • - Influences physiological factors which control absorption of food
  • - Improves emotional health and increases natural serotonin levels

Saffron is used all over the world as a spice in places like Spain, Italy, and Greece. Popular in many diets, saffron is used extensively in the Mediterranean culinary world because of its powerful, health promoting effects.

It is important to note before we elaborate on how saffron extract works that no effective, safe drug in the world exists for altering the neurochemistry of controlling or suppressing appetite. However, a proprietary blend of saffron extract supplement was shown to limit in-between snack cravings without harsh side effects associated with most appetite suppressants.

There are several options to choose from for fighting obesity as finding the right natural remedy to fit all types of people out there can be difficult and time consuming to do. We need to put in context why individuals gain excessive weight in the first place due to over eating and malnutrition (empty calories). Once we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy internal environment free of extra body fat and toxins, we can begin to eliminate the stagnation, blockages, and obstructions keeping us from reaching our full potential and peak energy levels.

A lot of times people with weight problems fall victim to emotional eating without even realizing the reason why they are eating. Not being aware of our emotions and the motives behind our eating habits can be dangerous if we don’t know how to control it. This is were an all natural appetite suppressant such as saffron extract can play a helpful role in addressing those challenging health problems and eating disorders.

We live in a very stressful and “busy” society, where at times it may feel like the sensation of overindulging with food is our only escape. Unfortunately, it is not easy to control what we eat due to the nature of so many unhealthy foods surrounding us at all times. Snacking to feel A natural appetite suppressant can help us cope with food temptations and make us forget we are hungry and anxious for food.

A Natural alternative is always the best solution when searching for ways to lose weight. A natural and popular appetite suppressant now days is saffron extract, which has been found to help put a halt to emotional eating.

Emotional eating is not real hunger and is cause by being under stressful situations and feeling lethargic, causing people to eat and snack on comfort junk food with out being hungry.

How Saffron Extract with Works

saffron extractStudies have suggested that saffron extract increases the natural production of a hormone known as serotonin that helps turn on the pleasure points in the brain. The pleasure signals send to the brain decrease the need to snack on foods and makes people actually for get about wanting to eat.

The weight loss benefits of saffron extract are based on “problematic dietary behaviors” where people suffer from compulsive snacking. Snacking is often times control by mood swings and emotional states that cause a person to crave high levels of sugar and complex carbohydrates.

Another natural way to feel good and avoid snacking is eating foods high on fiber. However sometimes it can be hard for people to keep up eating fibers so is not easy to follow this technique long-term; this is why learning other natural methods of appetite suppression like using, saffron extract can be helpful for faster weight loss results.

Saffron extract has also been found to reduce mood swings and depressive thoughts, hence helping people eat less and gain control back of their weight.

Corcus sativus also known as Saffron has been use in traditional Chinese medicine to treat several medical conditions such as cerebral disorders, inflammation and handle many digestive problems.

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Saffron is a spicy derived from the Crocus sativus flower, commonly known as saffron crocus.

After hearing the recent saffron extract studies mentioned on the Dr.Oz show, a lot of people have wondered if saffron can be effective to control weight loss and suppress appetite. Studies about saffron extract have found the supplement to make significant difference in the suppression of appetite and snacking by sending neurological signals to the brain.

It turns out saffron extract increases the production of a neurological enhancer known as serotonin, which helps control depression and emotional eating. The constant production of serotonin helps fight depressive thoughts and the urge of eating snacks that a lot of people deal with. Most people with eating disorders, tent to eat junk to cope with emotions, an area where saffron extract can help alleviate the problem by treating the disorder from the root of the cause.

Saffron Extract Health Benefits

saffron extractSaffron extract is now days commonly use for its weight loss properties, but this is just one of the health benefits of the plant, other benefits of saffron extract are:

  • Saffron extract can help eliminate snacking and sugar cravings.
  • Health advocates and professionals believe the benefits of saffron to be due to serotonin.
  • Saffron extract reduces eating disorders by sending serotonin signals to the brain and reduce snacking.
  • Additionally saffron is commonly used to control depressive behavior for women during menopause.
  • Saffron is a powerful natural antidepressant.

Can Saffron Extract Boost Weight Loss?

saffron-extract-weight-lossThe weight loss benefits of saffron extract are due to the substance ability to release serotonin to the brain. Appetite suppression is a side effect, of the neurological signals send to the brain by the high levels of serotonin.

Recent medical studies have found saffron extract to be just as effective as any antidepressant medication. Prescribed antidepressants can be harmful for the body and have several side effects due to their high chemical content. Saffron extract on the other hand, is a natural alternative that hasn't reported any side effects.

Saffron can help you make more conscious choices and makes dealing with snaking a little easier.

Its important that if you want to lose weight you take responsibility in understanding how you are putting the body in danger when eating high sugar levels. Every time you decided to eat snacks high on sugar, it causes a sudden insulin spike decreases the levels of sugar in the body and triggering excessive sugar cravings.

Choosing a Saffron Extract Supplement

When searching for the best saffron extract supplement is important to find the one made with PURE ingredients that wont have any effect in altering the chemical composition of the plant.As it was mention during the Dr. Oz show the recommended dosage of a saffron extract supplement is to pills a day before every meal. After reviewing saffron extract supplements to find the one made with quality ingredients, saffron pure is made from credible pure source and can help you attain the weight loss results and suppress appetite.

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Saffron has been around for a very long time. However, the science and technology required for proper and pure extraction of the saffron plant was not up to speed until late. Dr Oz recently featured Saffron Extract as a Miracle Appetite Suppressant on his popular day time tv show.

Dr Oz Recommends Saffron Extract

Make sure you check out the rest of our website for more information about Saffron Extract. We wrote a review of the health benefits of saffron extract for you to better understand how it works and what it does.